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Lead Tracker Template for ClickUp

Lead Tracker Template for ClickUp

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The key to signing more coaching or agency clients is to let your prospects know you care about their success by following up with them and remembering key parts of previous conversations when you do. 

That's why I created this ClickUp board to help you keep track of your conversations. It will also automatically assign you a task to follow up with your leads at set intervals to keep the conversation going as you work on signing your new client.

With this purchase you will receive a ClickUp template that includes:

  • A pre-built ClickUp board for tracking your leads through the sales process
  • 10 automations are built into the board that will assign you follow-ups with due dates for up to 6 months to check in with your leads to show them you care (and to help you sign them as clients)
  • 6 custom fields are included with the board so you can capture your lead's name, email, phone number, social media handle, the offer they are interested in, and your notes 
  • A quick start guide on how to install the lead tracker template in your ClickUp in 30 seconds
  • A 5-minute video tutorial on how to add the lead tracker to your clickup  customize the lead tracker 

This template will take you less than 60 seconds to install and setup, will instantly improve your sales process, and will help you sign more clients!

The template will be sent to the email address you include at checkout. Please double check that you type your email address correctly.

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